20-Minute Slimming Workout

Pull in your stomach, hold your breath and get in your pants. At the same time pull the chest inwards so that the shirt is buttoned up. In this tense posture, many people leave the house every day – totally tense. You feel uncomfortable in this tense posture. And this feeling is intensified by the fact that the clothing, which is too tight, reminds one of the zones where the body noticeably exceeds its “limits”.

“Now something has to be done urgently.”

As a consequence the registration follows in the Fitnessstudio around the corner. The intense fitness workout is complemented by a diet with a drastic reduction in calorie intake. Later more about why this is a mistake.

Hour-long workout to lose weight does not have to be.

It is therefore possible to get a sporty figure from home. Whether you want to fit back into your old clothes or reach the beach figure, whether you want to have a body like on the cover of fitness magazines or just want to feel more comfortable, everyone can do it with very little time!

It’s the combination that makes the difference:

The key to success here is the combination of the right fitness program and a permanent change in diet.

So it’s not the hours of workouts – even in the gym. You don’t need a gym to lose weight and build muscles – especially not for hours. Many people come to the conclusion that fast, high-intensity workouts with a duration of 20 minutes are already sufficient; they have become acquainted with the fitness plan of BodyChange, in which 20 minutes of training are planned on only two days a week. With these workouts, you can visibly tighten your body quickly, build up firm muscles, boost fat burning and lose weight without using equipment.

Why is a workout important when losing weight?

A fitness program that is designed to lose weight and build muscle at the same time must not only focus on nutrition but also on activating fat burning during the individual training sessions. At the same time, the muscles must be stimulated accordingly so that muscle build-up can take place. The fitness program of BodyChange starts exactly here. It is highly effective. In addition, it does not take long, so it is ideal for people who are challenged in everyday life.

This is how the BodyChange Workout works:


Warm up to lubricate the joints and warm up the muscles. The warm-up prepares the muscle groups to be trained more intensively. At the same time, the warm-up stimulates the cardiovascular system. This brings the body up to operating temperature. Greatest benefit for us: Fat burning is also activated.

Strength exercises with your own body weight

Fitness and strength exercises with your own body weight are sufficient to lose weight. The BodyChange Workout does not require any equipment and can therefore also be done comfortably at home or outdoors. This part consists of a series of different strengthening exercises in two runs.

Cool down – stretch

Cool down, calm down. The stretching at this point ensures slim, firm muscles.

It is sufficient to train for 20 minutes on only two days a week. No additional training equipment is needed, nor are fitness machines necessary to lose weight. These highly effective workouts also save you the time you would need to go to the gym. This means a double time saving, so to speak. Short but intensive workouts are sufficient to stimulate fat burning, lose weight and build muscles.

Why is this type of workout so effective?

Twice twenty minutes a week? Skeptics are now wondering why a fitness workout of just 20 minutes should help and why they should give this workout preference over their workout plan.

Since the workout strengthens the muscles and at the same time gets the heart going, the heart rate rises – the pulse gets going. This starts the fat burning process. So you burn fat during the workout. Fat burning continues even though the workout is over. This is also referred to as the afterburn effect.

In addition, muscle mass is built up. Since the body has to release energy to maintain and develop the muscles, it also needs more energy. So you burn even more fat if you have supported muscle building through your workout or if you have built up more muscles over time.

Also a membership in the fitness studio is not necessary for losing weight. You can also lose weight and build muscles by doing fitness exercises with your own body weight. Check out happybody.tv for the best workouts for weight loss today.


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