Best Headphones For Athletes

Whether there is a sports headphone test from major consumer magazines you can find out in this article. Then we show our favorites in the sports headphone comparison. Have fun finding the best headphones for athletes!

Listening to music during sports is a good motivation and support during training. Ordinary in-ear headphones often fall out of your ears during sport because they are not tight enough to withstand the fast movements during sport.

With sports headphones this is unproblematic. Headphones for the gym and headphones for jogging are usually very comfortable, sit tight and are hard-wearing. When comparing sports headphones, we selected and compared four in-ear headphones. In-Ear headphones sit directly in the ear, providing superior sound quality and shielding against external noise. They stay in the ear securely and firmly, so the headphones don’t slip when jogging.

Independent tests are best found in the well-known consumer magazines. We researched a sports headphone test and found what we were looking for at Stiftung Warentest, where a total of 17 sports headphones were tested. The Kassensturz magazine of the SRF also tested headphones. They were Bluetooth headphones and the report is from the year 2016.

Sport gadgets that make life more pleasant are becoming more and more popular. Unfortunately, these are not yet regularly tested by the well-known consumer magazines. We hope that this will change soon and that we can present further tests here.

Sports headphones comparison: Bose, Philips & more
Our sports headphone comparison introduces popular products and compares them based on product information. Customer reviews have also been included in the review. We did not carry out a practical test.

Sports headphones can be used in the gym, for jogging or other sports. Our criteria include wearing comfort, sound quality and weather resistance. Differences in music transmission and additional functions are also compared. The sports headphones comparison gives an overview of prices and accessories. We then discuss the advantages and disadvantages of wireless headphones for jogging. Have fun comparing sports headphones and the following models:

Bose SIE2i
AGPtek 4.1 In-Ear (Bluetooth)
ARCTIC P324 BT (On-Ear)
DeleyCON SOUNDSTERS In-Ear Headphones
Sennheiser CX 685 in-ear headphones
Philips – SHS 8100 In-Ear
Mpow – Bluetooth Headset

Bose has developed the SoundSport headphones specifically for people with an active lifestyle. The connection to the smartphone is either via Bluetooth or NFC. Various ear adapters are included so that the optimum fit should always be guaranteed. StayHear+ refers to the ear adapters, which also prevent slipping during sporting activities. Meanwhile, Active EQ ensures a balanced sound.

The low weight of only 23 grams makes the in-ear headphones hardly noticeable. We can only criticize the battery life of up to 6 hours. Other sports headphones in this price range can do twice as much and more. Rating: Headphones that make you almost happy. Our recommendation to buy!

Price tip: Mpow – Bluetooth Headphones

Again a pair of cheap sports headphones, which for their low price even work with Bluetooth 4.1 (aptX). State-of-the-art smartphones like the iPhone 7 or the Samsung Galaxy S7 should be able to work with it without any problems. An additional pair of ear adapters and the necessary charging cable is included. You can make calls via the microphone. Thanks to the nano-coating, the sweat formation of the headphones should be reduced to a minimum.

Also the more than 120 buyer opinions on Amazon speak for these favorable Bluetooth sport headphones. After all, at the time of comparison they were 4.4 out of 5 stars. Rating: Ideal for getting started if you don’t want to miss out on music while jogging or in the gym.

AGPtek – 4.1 In-Ear (Bluetooth)

AGPtek’s headphones fit perfectly in your ear and won’t fall out even during fast movements. The Bluetooth connection works directly and does not break off. There is a volume control on the cable to make it louder and quieter.

Included in delivery are 3 pairs of earplugs and hooks. A USB charging cable is also included in the package. The headphones can also be used as a headset for telephoning. The workmanship could be a bit better. Detailed review: Here. Comment: All in all, we are very satisfied with these in-ear headphones and the low price.

ARCTIC – P324 BT (On-Ear Sports Headphones)

The on-ear headphones fit well and deliver decent sound quality. Even when running fast, the headphones sit where they belong. The practical case, which is included in the scope of delivery, protects the headphones during transport.

The connection with the smartphone worked in our comparison without problems (tested with Samsung Galaxy 5). Function keys are integrated in the ear cup with which you can adjust the volume and jump back and forth between the song titles. For the detailed review click here. Comment: In this price range a good alternative to the price tip!

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