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Office 365, Office Home and Student, Office 2016 – meanwhile Microsoft offers many different Office versions. You can quickly lose track of them. In the following article we clarify which Office version suits you best.

Depending on what Microsoft Office is to be used for, there are different possibilities. When choosing the right Office version, the first important question is how many computers you want to install the Office package on. Not every version can be installed on several home computers, because most Office versions only come with a single license – this means they may only be installed on one computer. Exceptions are the Office 365 packages, for which there are versions for up to five users. Click here to find out which of the many Office versions is right for you.

Office Versions – these Office Packages are available

Microsoft divides its Office versions into three categories on the product page:

  • Office for household or personal use
  • Office for companies and the self-employed
  • Office for students and teachers

Several Office 365 packages as well as the classic Office Home and Student or Office Home and Business are available for all areas. All versions are available for computers with Windows operating systems as well as for the Apple Mac version. With Office 365, you also have the option of installing the selected version on your tablet and/or smartphone.

The following table shows you which Office versions are available.

You see: There are many versions of Office from which you must choose the right package. In order not to lose the overview in the office jungle, we present the individual options in the following.

Office versions and their programs

Usually all Office versions contain the basic applications Excel, PowerPoint and Word. Depending on the Office package, other programs may be added. The overview shows you what these are and what you can do with them.

Excel: With Excel you can create spreadsheets and display your data in tables and charts.

PowerPoint: PowerPoint allows you to create and edit presentations.

Word: With Word you can easily create and edit text documents.

Outlook: Outlook allows you to easily manage e-mails, contacts and calendar appointments.

OneNote: OneNote is a note app for your computer and smartphone. It lets you create and manage electronic notes.

OneDrive: OneDrive is the cloud solution from Microsoft. You can upload your files here and then access them from other computers or smartphones.

Some Office versions for Windows computers add Access and Publisher. Access allows you to create your own database applications, while Publisher allows you to create print templates and edit images.

Office 365 – the latest version of Office

Office 365 is Microsoft’s Office version in the cloud. Included are the common Office applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook. Publishers and Access are also included for the home computer. Especially practical: Office 365 can also be installed on tablets or smartphones so that Microsoft’s Office Cloud can be used anywhere at any time. In addition, Office 365 subscribers receive 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage per user.

The special advantage of Microsoft’s Office Cloud is the regular updating of applications. You always get the latest version because updates with new features are regularly released by Microsoft. This also eliminates the problem that Microsoft defines a lifecycle for its products and at the end of this lifecycle the Office versions are no longer developed further. As a result, you must purchase a newer version of Office unless you have Office 365.

What does Office 365 cost?

Office 365 is available as an annual or monthly subscription. Private individuals pay 99 Euro per year (or 10 Euro per month) for Office 365 Home for up to five users or 69 Euro per year (or 7 Euro per month) for a single license.

Office packages for businesses, on the other hand, are billed per user. Office 365 Business Essentials is available from 4.20 Euros per user per month, Office 365 Business is available from 8.80 Euros per user per month and Office 365 Business Premium is available from 10.50 Euros per user per month.

Please note, however, that not all functions are included in all packages. For example, Office 365 Business does not include enterprise-class email management, while Office 365 Business Essentials does not include desktop versions of Office applications.

Office 2016 – the Office version for PC and Mac

If you don’t want to pay monthly or yearly for your Office version, you can switch to Office 2016. You can choose either Office Home & Student 2016 or Office Home & Business 2016; both Office versions are available for both Windows and Mac computers. The Office 2016 package includes all the Office applications you’ve come to expect from Microsoft: Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote are included in both versions; Outlook is also included in the home and business package. In addition, all files can also be stored in the cloud via OneDrive.

Visit to check the best version of Office for your mac devices.


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