The Perfect Bed: How To Make The Right Bed

Sleep problems are often not caused by the person but by the bed. Therefore, numerous factors such as mattress and slatted frame play an important role when buying.

Five factors for restful, healthy sleep

Finding the right bed depends on various functions. Besides the mattress and the slatted frame, the bed frame is especially important.

This includes the shape, colour and material of the bed. When it comes to shape, design and bed size, not only personal preferences are important, but also the size of the bedroom.

But when it comes to the bed, it’s not only the look that should be considered, but above all the function, because only when both aspects work together can I find the right bed for me.

Overall, the trend is moving more and more towards the individual bed, which is tailored to personal requirements and one’s own body. In addition, the selection of fabrics and colour collections is constantly growing.

Optional extras include adjustable headboards, swivelling tables, integrated lights or individually positionable tables for books or a television.

Bed frames at a comfortable height make it easy to get in and out of bed and are particularly suitable for older people. The choice of beds in huge, but which bed is the best? If you pay attention to these five factors, you are sure to find the perfect bed.


Height, weight and possible impairments such as back pain or a hollow back should be taken into account when choosing a mattress. In order to avoid postural deformities and back pain, the spine should be supported during sleep so that it retains its natural S-shape.

If you lie relaxed in a natural sleeping position and can get up without pain, you are lying correctly and well. For a comfortable position in bed, a mattress that is about 20 centimetres longer than the person sleeping is favorable.  However if you’re like a side sleepers, you might want to consider a special hybrid mattress for side sleepers.

If there are large differences in weight or back problems of one of the two partners, it may be advisable to buy two individual mattresses that are suitable for the respective physical requirements.

Buying two mattresses is therefore very sensible so that both can lie and sleep well in bed. When buying a mattress, it is important to try out the mattress beforehand.

Only a test lying on the mattress will show whether it really meets individual preferences and is comfortable. The orthopaedic aspects should not be forgotten, because in case of back, shoulder or neck pain, the mattress should adapt to the body shape.

After an extensive test lying down it can be decided which mattress is the best. Cold foam mattresses store a lot of heat and are therefore suitable for people who are sensitive to cold.

People who perspire easily should choose spring mattresses which provide good ventilation. Latex mattresses are especially recommended for people with very different weight distribution in the different body zones, as they are very flexible.

The mattresses of a waterbed are filled with water and therefore adapt perfectly to your body.


The mattress pad or bed insert is important for a pleasant sleeping experience. Only if the underlay matches the mattress, restful sleep is possible.

It is therefore advisable to try and buy both together. However, you can also use bed systems in which the underlay and mattress are already matched.

Slatted frame

The slatted frame supports the mattress and adapts to the changing sleeping positions of the person lying down. It is therefore important that the slatted frame and mattress harmonize well.

Some slatted frames have adjustment options for the head or foot section.

For beds with a width of more than 160 centimetres, it is advisable to use two slatted frames to ensure that the slat base is sprung to fit the back. In addition, each person can adjust the slatted frame themselves to achieve the perfect position in bed.


With a classic springwood frame, the higher the number of spring wood slats, the better the lying comfort. Ideally, about half of the bed surface is filled with slats, the other half remains free for ventilation.

Alternatively, there are box spring beds that consist of a coherent system of mattress and slatted base. The mattress lies on an upholstered wooden frame.

The box spring bed is particularly elastic and promotes the mattress’ ability to adapt to the body’s contours. Box spring beds are also available with height-adjustable head and foot sections.

These new trendy beds come from England but are already very popular in Austria and can be found in many bedrooms. They are available in all furniture stores in a wide variety of designs, co lours and heights.

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