Renovating Bathroom Within Your Budget


Tile varnish or new tiles, repair damaged areas or completely replace washbasins: If you want to renovate your bathroom, you have to reckon with modernisation costs ranging from a few hundred to several thousand euros. Solutions for each budget are in demand – just like Tipps, which can be made thereby everything everything.

Pink tiles, green sanitary ceramics and everything quite worn out – a ten or even twenty year old bathroom still fulfils its purpose, but it hardly meets current demands in terms of design and comfort. Bathroom renovation is the order of the day.

If you want to modernize your bathroom, you have various options: Tiles can be freshly painted or completely replaced; a shower tray can be replaced or converted into a floor-level shower; and sometimes a new vanity unit is enough. Here do-it-yourselfers can find out which solutions can be implemented on their own and for little money and where they should better let the professional get to work.

Modernise the bathroom: Freshness cure with a small budget

A complete renovation is not always necessary to renew the bathroom in a contemporary way. For an optical refreshment and more comfort in the everyday use of the bathroom, even smaller measures are sufficient, which cost little or can be done in own work.

With these measures you can renovate your bathroom at a reasonable price:

Replace fittings

Old guard table, shower and bathtub fittings are often not only unsightly and impractical to use, they also often consume far too much water. When buying a new one should therefore pay attention to energy-saving functions such as flow limiters.

Valves are available as single-lever mixers or with one or two hand controls. If you have only one cold water connection – which is often the case in guest toilets – it is best to install a fitting with only one regulator. In addition to the fitting, the installation set usually includes a mounting nut, washer and seal as well as an O-ring seal.

Only the O-ring remains on the fitting for installation. Both are inserted into the tap hole and screwed and tightened from below with the fixing nut, washer and gasket. For many fittings this is done with a screwdriver, otherwise a tap wrench is required. Now bend the hot and cold water tubes so that they can be inserted vertically into the angle valves. Since the tubes must not sit at an angle, they may have to be shortened.

The shower head and hose, for example, can also be replaced without any knowledge of the trade. Among the popular extras are wellness shower heads, for example with rain shower, massage or steam function.

Renew tiles

Wet room or feel-good bath? Even the tiling on the wall and floor has a decisive influence on the character of the bathroom. Sober tiling in the style of swimming pool shower rooms is just as little in demand today as small-scale patterned tile formats in beige-brown from the 1970s.

Not in every case does the bathroom have to be newly tiled.

Fresh shine for old tiles: With special varnish also for laymen feasible. Photo: Glasurite
If the wall tiles have only lost some of their shine over the years, it may be sufficient to give them a fresh colour. Various manufacturers offer special tile varnishes or complete packages with primer and sealant for varnishing the tiles. The last variant requires a little patience, as the old tiles have to be pre-treated and the drying times adhered to. If, however, you follow the instructions for use, you can enjoy fresh colours in your home bathroom with both variants without too much building dirt.

Also with tile foil, which is already cut in usual formats available, color can be brought into the old bathroom. Since the foil pieces are stuck individually on the tiles, it needs some patience. For individual colour or sample accents the tile foil is suitable however always.

An alternative to tile varnish is waterproof roller plaster. The application of the Rollputzes functions in principle like lacquering the tiles: Prepare the substrate, apply the plaster, seal the surface. According to the manufacturer, the plaster can be mixed with all solvent-free full and tinting colours – i.e. all colours are possible. In addition, the plaster can be structured individually when fresh.

Repair minor damage

Frequent beauty problems in the bathroom are small damaged areas on the bathroom ceramics and joints affected by mould. Both can be easily repaired by yourself. For the damaged areas there are special repair sets in the usual sanitary colours, which can be processed with some care, quickly and inexpensively remedy. Mouldy silicone joints must be carefully scraped out. Then allow to dry well and spray again with a silicone compound suitable for wet rooms.

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