Which leather jacket style suits me?


A really good and high-quality leather jacket has its price. Therefore you should consider carefully in which model you want to invest – above all, of course, where to go color-wise. For example, it is rather unlikely that you will wear a leather jacket with a crazy pattern or in an exaggerated colour for several years, because you will probably soon be fed up with it. Therefore, it is better to invest in a classic model that is also rather discreet in colour. Leather jackets look best in black or brown anyway. These colours are also timeless and easy to combine. This gives you a jacket that you can wear again and again because it doesn’t go out of fashion so quickly. Your money is also well spent in a dark blue leather jacket, because dark blue is a colour that never loses its trendy character, just like “blue jeans”.

Not all leather jackets are the same. Although it is always made of leather, each leather jacket can differ from another in its style and cut. For example, there are bomber jackets and leather blousons for more classic styles. If you like it more eye-catching, you can always go for a cool biker jacket. A bomber jacket has a relatively wide cut and is therefore very comfortable, also very suitable for everyday use. The biker jacket, on the other hand, is more of a “statement” leather jacket with which you will certainly stand out. But no matter which style you choose, always look for a classic silhouette with few details. This does not mean that the leather jacket must not have a single rivet or fur appliqué. But to ensure that it doesn’t lose its classic character, the principle of “less is more” applies when it comes to details.

What does a cool leather jacket cost?

A good leather jacket costs less than 500 Euro. However, an excellent leather jacket costs almost twice as much. The difference in price is due to the quality of the leather. The quality decides not only how long you will have something of your leather jacket, but also how deep you have to reach for it in your pocket. The most expensive jackets are made of full grain leather. Only the best hides are processed into full grain leather to guarantee high quality. The surface of the full grain leather remains as it is. This is an important point regarding the good quality of the leather. Vegetable tanned leather is also one of the more expensive types of leather. The vegetable tanned leather is dyed with an environmentally friendly plant colour. Since the production of the vegetable tanned leather is very complex, the product costs finally also more in the shop. If you cannot afford a genuine leather jacket or if it is simply too expensive for you, then there is also the option of buying a jacket made of imitation leather. You can clearly see (and smell) the qualitative difference to a real leather jacket.

What do I wear with a leather jacket?

Since an optimal leather jacket only reaches up to your hip, you should avoid combining it with extremely loose or deep-seated trousers. Otherwise, you may look a little chubby without it. You’d better pick straight-cut and well-fitting trousers. When it comes to shoes, leather shoes and leather jacket don’t always have to look exactly the same. Often it looks a bit artificial when both materials match one to one. Be brave and combine black with brown leather or wear sneakers with your leather jacket.

The leather jacket – a garment for all occasions

In my opinion, the leather jacket is a garment for all occasions. By this I mean that it can be worn for almost any occasion in your free time, no matter if you go on a pub tour with jeans and a T-shirt, if you go shopping in a polo shirt or if you just go for a walk with your loved one, the leather jacket is always the right companion.

Ben had already taken a closer look at the leather jacket in his style guide. But I would also like to take a look at it again today and give you some important tips when it comes to the perfect leather jacket for yourself. The first step, of course, is the selection of the right jacket, so that you have it easier to buy there is following a short guide how to take the right measure.

So if you’re in the mood for hero myths, sex appeal and rebellious statements, you should go and buy a cool Leather Jockstraps for men right away – women love cool guys!


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