The purpose of Unwwwired is to help you have more visitors and customers.

I’ll show you how to do it.

Blogging, traffic, conversion, monetization. You have come to the right place.

I wondered why a visitor would want to read this page… Hmmm, let me guess, I’ll take out my crystal ball.

You have a blog. Am I right? But it’s not yet the traffic machine you were hoping for. You were delighted to have your first visitors, and to see that some of them were coming back to your site. Good. That’s already a very good sign.

So you continued to publish good content, to really help your readers, to really develop your audience. Article after article.

Hard work, but the traffic had to show up eventually, didn’t it?

But alas… nothing. No snowball effect. No explosion of traffic, little sharing, and just a few comments from other bloggers who are trying to place their link.


Internet traffic does NOT work that way.

This is not the right tactic. You would be more successful if you tattooed the name of your blog on your buttocks and ran naked into a parking lot. 100,000 Youtube views guaranteed.

160 million blogs on the planet. 15 million in French. Your content may be good, but “good” is not enough. There are too many people online. Your site is a grain of sand on a beach in Pas de Calais.

And yet, it’s unfair:

The quality on the Internet is variable. I say variable to be polite. Poor content, outdated and repeated tricks, flooded mailboxes. There are probably some bloggers who are not as good as you, but who are more successful.

Cruel world.

The good news is that you can do it, using the right methods.

Let me ask you a question: when was the last time a blog post put you on your ass? You don’t remember?

I created Trafic Mania to put you on your ass every week.

Hi. I’m Enid Yeager. I’ll show you how to get more traffic. I will show you how to make your mailing list grow. I will show you how to become a reference in your theme and how to convert your readers into customers.

Here’s more about me:

The first thing you need to know about me is that I’ve been blogging since 2010, and that it’s been my only source of income since the fall of 2013. That’s enough to live in a 120 m² apartment in a nice district of Lyon and raise two children.

And above all, it allows you to be your own boss.

And that, believe me, is the interstellar foot.

My life was that of a commonplace senior executive in the industry, before a hurricane turned it upside down.

Let’s move quickly. I grew up in the North. I have been studying for a long time. I worked for 10 years in some of the industry’s finest companies. First as an engineer, then as a manager. Good salary, good job. I got married and we had two children. Banal, I tell you.

I loved my job, but there was a little voice that kept saying “set up your company, set up your company”. But you know what it’s like, you have your comfort level, your train, your company car, and a comfortable paycheck that falls every month. Why take such a risk?

I started writing my first blogs in 2010. For fun. Because I like to write. Really.

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