Sports Headphones Models

Something nice on your ears: important for many athletes – and the A&O for many when jogging. We have tested 21 new & older sports headphones.

You’ll find the right groove for running and workout with the right sound in your ear. Sports headphones are available in many variations. The in-ear headphones are all water- and sweat-resistant and their on-ear counterparts are breathable.

With ear adapters, they fit all listening sizes. The difference: the sometimes surprising features such as wireless Bluetooth connection, heart rate monitor and live coaching.

Overview: Which sports headset is right for me?

It has been scientifically proven that music motivates people to perform better in sports. But with which sports headphones does the sound ideally reach the ears?

Roughly speaking, there are sports headphones in three different designs, all of which have their advantages and disadvantages in terms of sound reproduction and suitability for sports. We looked at models in all three categories.

Button headphones are the compact sports headphones that come with most MP3 players: relatively inexpensive, light and easy to store in your pocket.

However, many athletes complain about a poorer hold, depending on the individual ear shape. If you don’t want to invest much money and don’t expect any bass miracles, you’ll find what you’re looking for in this category.

U-bracket headphones provide room for larger speakers. They provide a voluminous bass, but this also results in a higher weight. Many sports headphones have foam cushions under which you can warm up quickly during sports.

One advantage of the large temples is that they hold the headphones firmly in your ears. This makes it a good alternative for athletes who always have buttons falling out of their ears.

In-ear headphones look like button headphones with a silicone plug in the ear canal. Many people have to get used to this wearing comfort.

The headphones sit very securely in the ear, resulting in a more direct and intensive sound transmission than with button headphones. Environmental noises are shielded from them, which is not harmless when jogging on roads. In addition, heartbeat and breathing are much louder when the ears are closed.

Current sports headphones under test

We show nine new, current models – for before, during and after the sport. Read more about headphones and which sports headphones are right for you in the article below. You’ll also find twelve interesting sports headphones from a previous test …

Panasonic Bluetooth In Ear Sports Headphones Wings RP-BTS55

Good sound, low weight, pleasant wearing comfort – the earhooks fit snugly to the head – no annoying slipping during running.

They would even withstand a movement intensive HIIT workout. Thanks to the built-in microphone, telephone and app functions can be operated via voice control. The headphones are super-fast to recharge thanks to the Quick Charge function.

Beats by Dre Solo3 Wireless

Stylish: Bluetooth OnEar headphones that put an end to cable clutter and convince with an extremely long battery life. The Solo3 Wireless also sits well on your ears when you walk and doesn’t slip. The buttons on the auricle make it easy to operate the smartphone.
But: After some time an unpleasant pressure develops on the ears, therefore only conditionally suitable for longer runs.

AQL FORCE Sport Headphones by Cellularline

The headphones hold very well in the ears both during jogging and workout, there is no tangle of cables thanks to Bluetooth. The headphones also offer impeccable sound quality.

The battery life is ok, the mobile charging station allows the headphones to be recharged at any time, a total of six times.

Pioneer SE-E3

Good and inexpensive: If you don’t necessarily need the Bluetooth version, the SE-E3 Pioneers are the right choice for you. The cable runs behind the ears so that it doesn’t interfere with training. In addition, they are protected against splashing water.

Apple AirPods

Elegant: In terms of design and handling, the AirPods remain unbeatable thanks to the optical sensors. With a playback time of five hours per charge, Apple’s exclusive headphones are not the market leaders in this area.

BeatsX – Beats by Dre

Innovative: Fast-fuel technology makes the BeatsX a real special feature. After a charging time of only five minutes, you can enjoy two hours of music. The Bluetooth headphones are also suitable for calls and are available in six colours.

Sennheiser CX Sport

Comfortable: The Ear Fins of the CX sports headphones not only look modern, they also provide a comfortable and secure fit. Once connected via Bluetooth, playback can be controlled via the integrated remote control.

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